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Hello, I am glad to introduce ourselves!

This is Odizajn, studio for design and other creative services, from Belgrade, Serbia. With main orientation in digital design and web development, and I am Obrad Vukojević, entrepreneur and its founder, with have more than 20 years in the world of digital communications, as graphics, multimedia, and web designer, marketing promoter and ICT consultant for the application of informatics and computer technologies in the world of modern business.

What Odizajn can do for you?

It can help you to create, conceive and build meaningful futures through the use of digital technology. Helping you in the creation, expression and in managing of your communications in promoting your brand, your services and your products. We focus on selling your services and products by using design, web development and integration of different marketing tools and channels.

Odizajn vision is to help in improving your modern business

Odizajn see your digital home on the Internet as a synergy between the carefully selected marketing tools, which have already been successfully tested in everyday work, your copyright, your brand and the visual presentation of your company. The value of this strategy is confirmed every day in our work, during the interaction between the used tools. By simply this synergy achieves a winning combination for you, that anyone can understand and clearly felt its performance, practically overnight. Odizajn ever you do not remain in the dark, but clearly indicates the strategy that has been specially selected for you.

Our mission is to guide you through the advantages offered by the internet communications!

What makes a work diferent with Odizajn

Odizajn focus of the work is to increase the sale of your products and services with the support of applied design, web development and integration of various marketing tools through digital communication channels at different levels. Providing your communication platforms everything what they need when your customers during their visits buy your products and services, find information about them or establish contact.

1. Your inquiry

Contact us without obligation and learn what we can do for you. You can contact us via e-mail, phone +381-60-0211225, or by using our form. Our team is ready to hear from you, and if you request a quote, you will receive it within 24 hours.

2. Analysis

That`s right – we create web sites. But, for us, they are, first and foremost a marketing medium – a messenger through which we transmit a unique message to your target market on the internet. In order to tailor the service, before we approach design & marketing, we first analyze your business and current online marketing, your marketing & business goals. The results of this analysis give us pointers for web development to effectively sell your services.

3. Project

Each project segment (design, concept and content marketing) is implemented according to your business objectives combined with our ideas & suggestions, and taking into consideration all of the ideas, wishes and even sketches the client may have. We try to work with our clients side by side as partners on every project, because we feel that together we can get to a better result. No matter what, the client knows its target market and its business the best. Of course, if the client wishes to let us do all the planning, this is also possible.

4. Support

We help and advise – always free! We do that whether or not you ask. Why? Because we feel that there are some things money can’t buy – love, happiness, and we would add – a friendly advice. Don’t believe us? Just try us – contact us without obligation and ask for our advice! We also try to ensure our clients have a high quality internet marketing guidelines, after we complete the website. In that regards, each of our web development project includes detailed video instructions on how to manage the website, how to do SEO and optimise content. We also provide technical support for all types of questions related to working with the website and different marketing tools that aim to help in reaching certain specific business goals.

5. Protection

Website is an important tool in selling your services and products, and that is why we take it really seriously. We take care of its hosting and stability, fast rendering and virus protection. How well your website performs, and how satisfied your clients are with its performance, speaks volumes about our work and service. It`s no wonder why we put in the work 24 hours a day, to keep your web tools safe and operational.

Once our client, always our client

Unlike most of our competitors, that, once receive your final payment, disappear in the night and can`t be reached with any modern means of communication, we are still here (6 years and counting). We stand by our work, and this won`t ever change. Don’t believe us? Just ask our clients… Everything we do for you comes with a warranty – either you are happy, or you money back, no questions asked. We don’t want dissatisfied clients, because we know nothing hurts a business like an unhappy client. This is why, if we accepted your project, this means we can help you (this also means we occasionally turn down projects). We guarantee:

  • to deliver everything we promised, and outlined in the official proposal (offer) that you will receive before the beginning of the project, via extensive 12-15 page PDF document outlining all the services that are going to be implemented;
  • to honor all the deadlines and time frames, and not to make the project fall behind schedule at any point or phase of development;
  • to modify and adjust the design and concept of the website in accordance to any off and on-the-record agreements, suggestions, ideas or desires you provide us with before the start of the project.

Our obligations are also defined by the official contract signed among us and the client. If it turns out we are not able to deliver any part of what we promised on in the quote, or if we don`t take your wishes into consideration as much as you would want us to, do not hesitate to ask your money back.

Our contact and business information

● Odizajn Belgrade

Address: Arčibalda Rajsa 62/5, 11030 Belgrade-Čukarica, Serbia
Phone: +381-60-0211-225

● Odizajn Toulouse

Address: ​62 rue de Bourrassol, Bâtiment C, 1er étage, Appt 48, 31300 Toulouse, France
Phone: +33-61-109-8446

Skype: bradov
Viber: +381-60-0211-225
WhatsApp: +381-60-0211-225
Twitter: @TataBradO

Business name: Odizajn | Studio for design and other services
Entrepreneur: Obrad Vukojević
Registration in the Serbian Business Register: < Web link to the registration of Odizajn >
Bank account: (IBAN): RS35340000001141186985